Pre-marital Counselling In Mansfield, VIC

Approaching a committed relationship with a deeper understanding of your yourselves and your relationship can be extremely helpful. Knowing your relational style, how you do conflict and why and then knowing how to repair after one of those inevitable arguments are all important keys to a successful marriage.

This type of counselling is ideal for couples already living together or dating couples considering marriage.   Online assessments that identify a couple's strengths as well as areas for growth are completed then based on the couple's results, feedback is given on strengths and in areas that you may wish to strengthen and develop moving forward in your relationship. 

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Conversations starters for Couples Contemplating Moving in or Marriage

Every family has its own thoughts, experiences, emotions and values and these make up the unique culture of each family.  We each represent the family we grew up in but by melding together what we each bring from our first families and their cultures, by deciding what to keep and what to leave behind helps us to create our own unique family culture.   The more we create this new culture with purpose and intention the more success we are likely to experience.

Use these conversation starters to share what is important to each of you:

  1. Do we really listen to each other openly and fairly with consideration to what the other is saying.  Or are we already thinking about our responses while the other is talking. 

  2. Do we like and respect each other's friends?

  3. Should we have children, if so who will care for them?  Should they go to child care? If so, at what age?  Should they attend a school of religion, public or private?  Are you both open to being a stay at home parent?

  4. Do we have a clear understanding of each other's spiritual beliefs, and have we discussed when and how our children will be exposed to religious or moral education?

  5. Do we value and respect each other's parents, and is either of us concerned about whether the parents will interfere with the relationship?

  6. What are our financial positions, are we on the same page about saving, spending, prioritising buying a house, purchasing new cars, furniture or white goods or going on holidays? 

  7. Have you discussed how your financial affairs will be managed ie shared bank accounts, credit card use, home loan.

  8. What traditions or rituals, are important to us and how do we celebrate them? ie birthdays, Christmas.

  9. When do we include our extended families?

  10. What does domestic bliss look like, statistics say women do most of the domestic chores despite also working.  Fast forward a few years, is there a fair division of labour in your home?

  11. Will there be a TV in the bedroom? And what about mobile phones and laptops?  Do they have a time and place in your home routine? 

  12. Are there some things that you and I will not give up?