Relationship Counselling in Mansfield, VIC

Couples often come for relationship counselling feeling emotionally disconnected from their partners.  Despite being part of a couple, many individuals can feel ambivalent, lack trust, feel a lack of emotional or physical intimacy and spend large parts of their time together in conflict and under stress.  Some report a gradual drifting apart while others can pinpoint an event that has damaged the relationship and is in need of repair.

Whatever the nature of your challenge, seeking the help of a qualified professional to help you make sense of it can be transformative.  The safe and confidential space I offer supports you to identify and understand what is not working and why which in turn assists you to establish new ways of being together with increased trust, intimacy and connection, deepening your emotional bond.

The couple relationship can be impacted by a myriad of things, here are just a few…..

  • lack of emotional intimacy or connection

  • managing strong emotions – anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy

  • constant conflict

  • affairs or betrayal

  • mental and physical health

  • sexual dysfunction or incompatibility

  • alcohol and drugs

  • varied parenting styles

  • trauma

  • blended/step families

  • grief and loss

  • life transitions – birth, death, marriage, separation, a child leaving the family home, retirement.

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We are deeply grateful for the help that Fiona has given us over the past months. Fiona has patiently steered us from a relationship in crisis (and difficult for many years) to feeling close again. Fiona’s sessions are based on a strong theoretical framework and guided by her intuition, both of which we have come to fully trust.   We have begun to understand each other more fully - our needs, our triggers, our habitual patterns of relating and the ways we misinterpret each other.   Fiona has helped us move steadily forward, acknowledging the small steps, affirming each of our perspectives and creating a space where love can be expressed and received.
— Justine and Matt