Individual Counselling In Mansfield, Victoria

I see individuals for a wide range of reasons, the following are common:

  • We need relationship counselling but my partner won’t come.  

  • I am thinking of leaving but not sure.  I need help to work this through and make a decision.

  • I want to understand myself - my emotions, my reactions, and my relationship style.

  • I am struggling after separation (or divorce). 

  • I need to make sense of my relationship

  • I’ve put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own and now I feel burnt out

Would you like a little time and space to explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself or your relationship with a trained professional rather than talking in circles with well-meaning family and friends?

Counselling can help you to develop insight into your sense of self and your relationships.  Any growth you experience as an individual will create changes in your relationship and can support you to address any difficulties you might be facing.