Discernment Counselling in Mansfield, VIC

Should I leave or should I stay?  That is the question.   The answer however is complicated and that is probably why you have been asking yourself this question for so long.  

When one partner is wanting to stay and work on the relationship and the other is unsure they want to stay married and doesn’t see the point in or doesn’t think couples counselling can help discernment counselling could be what you are looking for.

Discernment counselling is not relationship counselling

It is a few brief appointments with a blend of individual and joint appointments designed to help you explore these four pathways forward:

  • stay married and the relationship remains the same

  • move towards divorce

  • take divorce off the table for six months and privilege your relationship by delving in and coming to understand what is going on in more depth.

  • to make a commitment to one another to do the work necessary to rebuild or strengthen your couple bond.

  • If you decide on divorce as your pathway forward then taking away the insight and understanding you will gain for future relationships could be key to their success.